About Us

About Us

Our Mission,

Our biggest mission in this life is to help bring self-care awareness to as many people as we possibly can even if it's just 1 or 2!


We want to remind women, men and everyone in between that you deserve the same amount of love that you give out. And hey why not do it with the help of Mother Natures' tools! 


Here at Thefireflybox.com you can find all ways of creating a moment of Self-care and Self-Love. And did we mention it's all Plant-Based. 


At The Firefly Box Instagram you can expect to see reminders and plan-based tools all on helping you to know how important you are to yourself and how valuable Self-Care can benefit your everyday life.


So if you like what we've spoke about here head over to our IG community @thefireflybox to join the Self-Love daily tribe.


See ya around Firefly,


The Firefly Team 

& Shey. J


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