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Golden Goddess Scrub

Golden Goddess Scrub

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Lets radiate & refine 

Scrubs are the best tool when needing to get the skin back to it's most vibrant self. As our skin sheds regularly and becomes a bit clogged from the everyday to-do's. Using a tool such as a scrub allows the skin to breathe, promotes blood circulation and the best reward of glowing ,soft and radiant skin.

Golden Goddess: This scrub not only hydrates with the A,C,E vitamins but also come in with helpful aids of turmeric to gives life to discolorations or dark spots and promotes more complexation balancing. While ginger can help in cutting out inflammation and bringing in natural antioxidants for skin rejuvenation.

Infused with freshly dried ginger and turmeric powder.

Fragrance/Essential Oil: None



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